Educational Logo Design – An Emblem of Pride and Achievement

Some people may think that it is imperative for educational institutions to have an effective logo design as it’s a place of learning, there is no need to brand and market a school, as education is not a product to be sold. While I agree with the latter half of that statement, I strongly disagree with the rest. Education is definitely not a product, but Educational Institutions definitely require a strong brand identity. It is not just about attracting more customers (or in this case students) it’s about evoking feelings of pride and belonging. It is an emblem of learning for everyone associated with that specific institution and thus makes a logo design not only symbolic but nostalgic.

Logos are printed across t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats or pens which students wear with pride even after their graduation. These souvenirs are a reminder of the time a student has spent at the university/school/college therefore there is a strong emotional connection that’s involved when it comes to a Logo Design. It brings together the school’s alumni, students, teachers, staff and community. It has been considered to be an unbreakable bond of unity for the university/school/college students. A good and effective logo design portrays feelings of dignity, pride, history, legacy, accomplishment and courage.

A well thought out and crafted logo reflects many things such as:

– How students feel about their school/college/university?
– How staff sees the Mission and Values of Your Institution?
– How student’s feels connected to their school even after graduating by looking at the logo?
– How community members unite with the institution?

Color Scheme:

Education Logos are often inspired by the nature of educational institutions and the academic level it caters to. Kindergartens and Preschools usually opt for bright colors like sunshine yellow while a University would display a calm demeanor and thoughtful colors in their logo like Maroon and Navy Blue.

Logo Graphics:

There are various image formats that we see in majority of logo designs like a School or University’s Crest imprinted on Pencils, Books and basic stationary hence portraying discipline for current students and recurring memories for alumni. Recently we have seen a trend of educational institutions incorporating the school’s history or its specialties within their logo; for instance the Penn State Logo shows a mountain lion, which was once common in Pennsylvania.

Emotional Aspect:

A logo of your school/university/college triggers memories. People or students can identify the school just by looking at the colors. It instills a sense of pride and achievement amongst present students, evokes nostalgia in former students and inspires the future ones. It serves as an identity for each student and it stays with them throughout their lives, boosting their confidence when necessary, hence it is paramount that a logo design must be developed with the educational institution essentials and also reflect on its past, present and future.