Sun, Sea and Science on Educational Trips to Florida

Exploring ideas in a stimulating environment is known to boost learning, which is why educators are often on the lookout for new and inspiring destinations for educational trips. And where could be more exciting than Florida, America’s Sunshine State?

Famous for its beaches, warm weather and oranges, is also a great place to learn. It is home to some fantastic educational attractions, including the Everglades National Park and the Kennedy Space Centre. A peninsula with the United States’ most extensive coastline, not to mention its complex social demographics, it is ideal for budding geographers, while young science lovers will find plenty to keep them occupied at its many theme parks. Whatever your subject focus or age group, visiting Florida is also a fantastic way to expose students to new aspects of global life and culture, so read on for some of its top attractions.

SeaWorld Orlando

Perfect for educational trips with a scientific focus, SeaWorld is much more than just a theme park. While there is plenty of fun to be had on the rides throughout, its star attractions are the marine animals it conserves and celebrates. With dolphins, turtles, manatees, sharks and more, it allows visitors to get up close to some of the most impressive inhabitants of the oceans, including those that are native to the region and from much further afield. Students will be able to feed dolphins and stingrays, explore an Arctic environment, and watch dolphins, sea lions, and killer whales perform in live shows. While the experience is undoubtedly entertaining, learners will also pick up important scientific knowledge about sea life, and deepen their understanding of conservation issues and practices.

Kennedy Space Centre

Located on Merritt Island, the Kennedy Space Centre is one of the most famous sites in the history of space exploration. It has been used to launch every one of NASA’s manned space journeys since 1968, and its importance in the development of modern space science is not to be understated. Educational trips to the centre are a great way to ground students in NASA’s work, as well as allowing them to connect its history to the current exciting developments in space programmes around the world. The Visitor Complex features some fascinating exhibits, including historic spacecraft and a spaceflight simulator. One of its most impressive sights is the ‘rocket garden’ where eight renowned rockets tower overhead.

Universal Studios

Another world-famous Florida landmark is the showbiz-themed Universal Studios park, which invites visitors to ‘Jump into the Action’ with rides based on popular movies such as Terminator, The Mummy, and Shrek. It is also a working production studio, making it an ideal place for students interested in the entertainment industry to visit on their educational trips.