There Is An Enemy Of God Who Likes To Go Around Roaring Like a Lion Although He Is Not a Lion!

We have just returned from praying for a country in the Far East which is suffering much persecution, and I will not name it in case someone there reads this piece and causes more stress and distress to the Christian population.

All these Christians want to do is serve their nation and bless the country in which they live, but they have to experience such wicked violence, which I find very difficult to understand.

The Government and others treat the Christians ‘as an enemy’. Why do they do that? Do they not see and realise that servants of Jesus Christ always wish to be the most positive and helpful citizens no matter where they go.

Some fifteen years ago while travelling in countries which were Communist at that time the believers in Jesus Christ had a hard road to walk. Life was exceedingly difficult.

I have been involved in this work now for thirty or more years and it has been both challenging and highly spiritually rewarding.

In Sofia, Bulgaria, and in what was then East Berlin, Germany, we used to have go away outside to the hills, or into the woods, to talk with the Pastors because the Government were so opposed to those who had a real dynamic loving faith in Jesus Christ.

Mount Vitosha in Bulgaria saw us have such wonderfully rich and enriching conversations.

There were streams up in the mountains in which they used to baptise the new believers, even in the winter time, with snow and ice all around, and none of these new babes in Christ ever caught a cold.

I hear of soldiers raiding villages and destroying church buildings, and even killing any who do not manage to escape in time.

When I consider what some children in ‘the west’ will receive as ‘Christmas Presents’ this year, let me share with you what happened last year in one orphanage.

Each boy was given a pair of jeans, whilst each girl received a beautiful new skirt. The children were also treated to cookies and some soft drinks. These orphans will celebrate with songs and drama and games. Their live is enriched by things which are so very simple.

We pray for those who are standing strong in the face of daily persecution, and we remember the orphans, that they may be protected and shielded from all types of harm and that they may be receive good sound teaching which will give them a foundation for the remainder of their lives.

We pray too for those who are the persecutors that they may find the God of love and grace and mercy.

Why do people want to attack Christians? But, why did wicked religious people crucify Jesus Christ, and imprison the early disciples?

There is an enemy of God who detests those who love Christ and he continues to roam around raging like a lion. He is not a lion but he like to make the noise of a lion and upset thousands!

Sandy Shaw